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Passion Propelled Prosperity


IB’s Weekly Feature Launch

By Carmen Greger

Follow your Joy; Stay the path. It’s the Yellowbrick Road to Success.  Listening closely and leaning in to what yearns to come through you is honoring your highest truth, or what Dr Lissa Rankin calls the ‘Inner Compass’. 

There is a message, a meaning, a desire, a greater good, a specific language that your soul speaks, and when you consciously tune in, you can hear it clearly.

Honor that voice; it is your True North.  

It is vital that you align your actions with your deepest intentions, mindfully receive, confirm, and cultivate your core calling.  You simply must honor, enhance, and celebrate your innate passions and natural talents to generate a more creative, meaningful, inspiring and impactful life and existence for you and all you are able to reach. 

Each being on this great Earth has a unique and high purpose; We must show up, individually and collectively to proactively nurture and actively express our inborn abilities. Together, as we acknowledge, share, and celebrate our gifts, we truly can and will make the world a better, more integrated, serene, magical, and joyful place.  

Tune in to your soul speak and show up accordingly, fully, and consistently; launch your dreams, follow your bliss, and as Marie Forleo encourages, ‘create a business and a life you love, because the world needs that special gift that only you have’. Facing your fears and taking a calculated leap of faith into a life where work, purpose and passion are intertwined, paves the path for a more fulfilling and abundant life experience.

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


A solid and dynamic business model is the structure, container and vehicle for the creative message and will catalyze, expedite and exponentiate the impactful, healing art being expressed.

The more exceptionally crafted the container, the more deliverable and potent the message. 

The speed, breadth and reach of transport has significant impact on the desired result of enhanced bottom line and elevated success, as infinite satisfied consumers are enabled immediately, on-demand, to embrace, enjoy and repeat-purchase the product or service being expressed.  

Many small businesses must scale creatively and effectively, while maintaining the intimacy and connection with its consumer. Delivery is a key. Imagine a local bike messenger on a beach cruiser with a tiny wire basket perched on front out for a morning rush-hour delivery going 10 miles per hour at best and likely contained within a 10-mile radius, verses a 530 Horsepower Maserati that goes 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and up to 190 mph; obviously the latter lends a much broader, much more effective, and rapid reach; Consider the significant difference in impact, immediately and over time.

Integrating the right and left sides of both the creative’s brain, and the business created, proves profound. The impassioned creator who has also produced an equally effective container has achieved the ultimate condition to birth the supreme creation, an optimal delivery of the highest expression, a winning combination that evolves expansively: much like a perfect marriage.    

BJ Capelli is one outstanding individual who has accomplished the Mastery of the Matrix. He is essentially the conductor of the symphony he has created, in which he is also first chair. He has set the stage for his Magnus Opus; Educator, Husband, Dog-Dad, Mentor, Producer, Percussionist, Studio Owner, Speaker, Singer, and Songwriter. He has hand-crafted the perfect blend, tone and harmony of work, life and purpose. BJ humbly and eagerly states, speaking of himself and his wonderful wife, his business partner and equally talented innovator, ‘This is truly just the beginning; all of our experiences have led us to this launching point. We are so grateful and excited to see the seeds we have planted continue to grow, inspire, and unite’. 

BJ Capelli will be our first of many Feature Interviews, on successful, creative entrepreneurs, sharing insights, intel, and inspirations for this spotlight on brilliantly manifesting bliss into businesses and achieving ‘Passion Propelled Prosperity’.


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