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A New Series About Successful Women Investors, Hosted by Nadine Terman of Solstein Capital

Nadine Terman and Solstein Capital

Hosted by CEO and CIO of Solstein Capital, Nadine Terman, ON POINT is a series of conversations highlighting some of the most successful women investors around the world, many of whom are senior peer members of 100 Women in Finance. The informative interviews cover a range of investment topics, from portfolio construction and risk management to individual ideas and lessons learned throughout their careers. The interviews are released via Longbow Trading Signals, a data-driven, risk management platform built by pro investors to enable everyday investors to trade like a pro.

Across Asset Classes, Across the Globe

The ON POINT series delves into successful advice from senior female investors across asset classes and investment strategies worldwide.

Many interviews cover public market investing in the United States. For example, Nadine Terman interviewed Erika Murphy (CFA, CAIA), Portfolio Manager and Co-Head of Multi-Asset Sustainable Investments at Fidelity. Other interviews delve into private market investing; Nadine discussed the longstanding career of venture capitalist Cindy Padnos, Founder and Managing Partner of Illuminate Ventures in Silicon Valley and the intersection of AI with Biotech with Gwen Cheni, Partner of Khosla Ventures. In addition, many of the interviews span the globe, in terms of investment focus and women investors and entrepreneurs. For example, Nadine discussed value investing and ESG with Sachee Trivedi, Founder, Director and CIO of Trident Capital Investments in Luxembourg. Other engaging interviews spanned tops such as robo-investing in India and quantitative investments in China.

Nadine Terman – Empowering Women

Nadine Terman has been a longstanding supporter and advocate for diversity in the investment industry. With over 25 years of investment experience across public and private markets, she not only has strong investment experience but also a deep passion for supporting other women in finance. This led to her involvement with the global organization, 100 Women in Finance, which has a far-reaching goal to empower women to succeed professionally throughout their careers in investment, fintech, and throughout financial industries.

“What I love about 100 Women in Finance is that the organization not only supports existing financial leaders around the world but also creates a clearer path to success for the next generation,” said Nadine Terman. “Its impact is growing exponentially as the organization builds out its network and programming globally.” The nonprofit is now active in 32 locations around the world, boasts over 27,000 registered members and more than 31,000 LinkedIn followers, and is led by a staff of 26 with over 600 volunteers. Corporate sponsors include institutions such as Wells Fargo, JPMorgan, Man Group, Deloitte, and UBS.

The group’s extensive networking opportunities and visibility initiatives are essential in a world where women are still shockingly underrepresented across financial sectors. Women make up about 25% of leadership roles and hold just 11% of CFO positions in Fortune 500 companies but account for half of all financial industry employees.

When the goal is changing the public’s perception of women in the finance industry, such visibility initiatives are essential. A big part of the work 100 Women in Finance does every day is to grow the interconnectivity of women and elevate their public profiles.

Nadine Terman and Solstein Capital note that the group’s Fund Women Initiative tackles underrepresentation in investment roles. Its Allocator Showcase highlights women specializing in wealth fund management, insurance, and wealth funds. FinTech leaders support each together — and the next generation, through 100 WF in Tech.

The organization also aggressively promotes women joining private, corporate, and nonprofit boards. The overall goal is what the organization called Vision 30/40: having women in 30% of executive committee and senior investment roles by 2040. Nadine Terman is part of that industry sea change.

Nadine Terman and Solstein Capital

A Visionary Leader

On Point has been a labor of love for Nadine Terman of Solstein Capital, as the series is created free for the benefit of a global audience.
It is representative of not just Nadine Terman’s expertise but also her active membership within the organization of 100 Women in Finance, investing in the next generation that will make as big an impact as she has in her over a 25-year career.

The CEO and CIO of a San Francisco-based private investment firm since 2010, Terman has firmly established herself as a go-to expert in hedge fund strategies, global investment opportunities, and stock market trends.

As a testament to her longtime involvement in 100 Women in Finance, Ms. Terman’s LinkedIn profile lists #womenentrewpreneurs along with #investing and regularly speaks on issues related to diversity and inclusion, a central tenant of 100 Women in Finance.

With a degree in quantitative economics and an MBA from Stanford University, Nadine Terman quickly rose through the financial ranks, first in analyst roles at such firms as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, followed by partner positions before leading Solstein. In 2022, Terman co-founded Longbow Trade Signals, a modern and accessible investing tool.

One thing has remained constant in her career — her support for the values guiding 100 Women in Finance and the importance of gender equity in the world of finance.

What’s Next

The series has a schedule with dozens more leading women investors and financial entrepreneurs around the globe, and Nadine is hopeful to complete as many interviews as possible through 2023. She says that there have been so many amazing insights gleaned from the women that she is excited to follow up with them, to hear how their investments have progressed and gain new insights into their work.


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