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Sheriza Reyan Mohammed-Ali Transitions to Property Management and Hospitality in the Pacific Islands

Sheriza Reyan Mohammed-Ali Transitions to Property Management and Hospitality in the Pacific Islands

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago – [2024] – Sheriza Reyan Mohammed-Ali, a seasoned professional with a diverse law, education, and property management background, is excited to announce her transition into the real estate and hospitality industries. Leveraging her extensive experience and education, including an MBA, Sheriza is poised to bring her unique perspective and expertise to vacation property management and Airbnb services .

From her early career as a lawyer in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, to her role as a teacher in Costa Rica and Cambodia, Sheriza has consistently demonstrated her ability to adapt and excel in various fields. Most recently, she has honed her skills as a Property Manager and Entrepreneur in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she successfully managed properties and provided exceptional service to clients.

Sheriza’s new venture marks a significant shift as she and her partner, who is Australian, plan to settle on one of the idyllic Pacific islands by Summer of this year. This move is not only a personal journey but also a professional one, as she aims to integrate her island life with her new career in property management and hospitality.

“I am thrilled to embark on this new and exciting chapter , combining my love for travel and my passion for real estate and hospitality. My goal is to create memorable vacation experiences for guests while ensuring property owners receive the highest level of management and care,” said Sheriza.

With a focus on providing exceptional vacation spots and travel experiences, Sheriza intends to utilize her background and training in mediation and communication to foster positive relationships between property owners and guests. Her experience in teaching ESL classes has equipped her with the skills to engage with diverse clients, ensuring clear and effective communication.

As Sheriza prepares for this exciting transition, she looks forward to contributing to the hospitality industry by offering top-tier property management services and curating unique Airbnb experiences. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to creating welcoming environments for travelers will undoubtedly set her apart in the industry.

About Sheriza Reyan Mohammed-Ali

Sheriza Reyan Mohammed-Ali is a professional and entrepreneur with a proven track record of success in law, education, and property management. She holds an MBA , MSc, BSc, Law Degree, and has extensive experience in law, ESL teaching, and property management. Sheriza is passionate about travel and hospitality and is committed to providing exceptional service in her new career. She is an easy-going person who enjoys island life, the beach, and anything outdoorsy. She loves learning about new cultures, foods, and traveling . Sheriza is profoundly enthusiastic about overseeing Airbnb and an array of bed and breakfast establishments as an investor and entrepreneur, as this opportunity substantially augments her professional trajectory while facilitating connections with a diverse spectrum of individuals. This role not only enables her to engage with people from multifarious backgrounds, thereby refining her interpersonal acumen but also imparts invaluable experience within the hospitality sector. Through the management of these properties, Sheriza can cultivate her expertise in customer service, property management, and business operations, all of which are pivotal to her sustained professional advancement and success.


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