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The Power & Potency of Marketing OG-Style


It feels like the marketing world is getting more technical and technology based.  To keep your company, brand, or services in the public eye, you must maintain and update your website, text messaging, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, print media and press.  For larger organizations, these tasks are more manageable due to having a department to handle all things marketing.  For smaller companies, it can be rather daunting to keep your marketing up to snuff while at the same time running your business.  

As we head into the new year, I have two “old fashioned” tips to separate you and your company from the pack. 

Let’s start with an oldie-but-goody marketing strategy: The Phone Call.  Yes, this is where you pick up a piece of plastic, dial numbers and talk into the apparatus in your hand.  Blame it on Covid-19, but during the pandemic, everyone forgot about phone calls, and started exclusively using Zoom, Teams, or FaceTime.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m not always camera ready or camera willing.  Maybe I didn’t’ shave that morning, the bags under my eyes are worse than usual or I’m in a location that I don’t want my client or customer to see (I.e., on a beach, or on the flip side, in a dimly lit kitchen with kids and dogs running amuck). 

Calling your clients or customers on the phone is a great marketing strategy.  Clients appreciate hearing your voice and being asked how they are, how their family is doing and being asked personally what you can do for them.  Make it a practice to call several of your clients or customers each week to tell them about a new product, service or offering or just simply to check in with them. A phone call is both unexpected and appreciated and much more personal that shooting someone a text or email.   

If a phone call is not your thing, try writing some personal notes on notecards or postcards and mailing them out to existing and prospective new clients.  Akin to the phone call, a handwritten note, sent in the mail, has a positive impact on your recipients.  Many people are bombarded with emails and text messages throughout the day.  We often ignore, delete, glance at or disregard messages, or make a mental note to read it later (we rarely do).  

Market your company or services by sending out notes.  People open envelopes addressed to them, and you’d be surprised at how many people will call or text you to tell you how much they enjoyed receiving your “old fashioned” note or message. The note can be as simple as saying hello or wishing them a Happy New Year, or you could thank them for their business or offer them a discount on their next purchase.  

Bottom line, you will reach a greater audience and have a higher hit or open rate when you occasionally make calls, send notes or postcards in the mail.    

Scott Reidenbach, Esq.



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