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Ontario International Airport Embraces Innovative Advertising Strategy under the Leadership of Scott Jacobson

Ontario International Airport Embraces Innovative Advertising Strategy under the Leadership of Scott Jacobson

Frankfurt, Germany – 2024 – At the recent Passenger Terminal Conference 2024 in Germany, Scott Jacobson, CEO of Fuse Advancement, highlighted the transformative strategies being implemented at Ontario International Airport (ONT) that are setting new benchmarks for revenue growth and customer engagement.

Under Scott Jacobson’s leadership, ONT has shifted towards a relationship-based advertising model. This strategic pivot from traditional transactional methods has enabled ONT to form robust partnerships with leading brands, significantly boosting both revenue and brand value. A key example of such a partnership is the new Brewery X location in Terminal 2, marking a milestone in ONT’s ability to diversify revenue streams and innovate within the aviation sector.

Scott Jacobson’s panel discussion underscored the critical role of innovative approaches in the rapidly evolving aviation industry, noting that airports must adapt to changing consumer trends and technological advancements to remain competitive. “The aviation industry is a global connector, and we are committed to leveraging every opportunity it presents,” Jacobson remarked during his presentation.

The success story of ONT under Fuse Advancement is one of measurable growth and success, with Scott Jacobson’s strategies fostering significant enhancements in customer advocacy and partnership development. Fuse has worked with ONT as well as other Airports to move away from the more transactional ways of doing things and focus on innovation. This mindset shift has not only enhanced the passenger experience but also significantly increased engagement and revenue opportunities for advertisers.

As technology advances, Scott Jacobson envisions even greater potential for innovative airport advertising. “Our focus on data-driven, personalized advertising allows us to create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with diverse passenger segments, increasing engagement and driving conversions,” stated Scott Jacobson.

Looking forward, Ontario International Airport is poised for further growth and innovation, with plans to explore new opportunities for expansion and deepen existing partnerships. With Scott Jacobson and the Airport leadership team working together, ONT is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of success and set new standards in the aviation industry.

About Ontario Airport

Ontario International Airport (ONT) is California’s most popular airport, according to J.D. Pwer’s most recent North America Airport Satisfaction Study. Located in the Inland Empire, ONT is approximately 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the center of Southern California. It is a full-service airport which offers nonstop commercial jet service to two dozen major airports in the U.S., Mexico, Central America and Taiwan. More information is available at www.flyontario.com

About Fuse Advancement

FUSE is an innovative consultancy based in Southern California that works with organizations to help them evolve into a bright future. FUSE offers end-to-end Airport advertising and partnership services, as well as invests in digital and creative environments to drive success through the Fuse Connect airport vertical. More information is available at www.fuseadvancement.com


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