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Karen Blisard: A Dynamic Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Karen Blisard A Dynamic Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Karen Blisard, a dynamic entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in managing and growing businesses, has been a driving force in the success of numerous ventures. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for operational excellence, Karen’s leadership and innovative approach have set her apart in the business world. Her extensive background in various industries and her experience in Belfast, Northern Ireland, highlights her versatility and commitment to achieving outstanding results.

A Proven Leader in Business Management

Karen Blisard’s career is characterized by her exceptional ability to lead and inspire teams, ensuring operational efficiency and business growth. Her experience started in Belfast, Northern Ireland and spans across different countries, showcasing her adaptability and strategic thinking.

Karen’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence have been instrumental in her success. Her hands-on approach and attention to detail have ensured the delivery of the highest level of service and guest experience.

Key Contributions and Achievements

Karen Blisard’s entrepreneurial journey has been marked by several key contributions, including:

  • Operational Excellence: Karen’s ability to implement and oversee standard operating procedures has ensured consistency and quality across all business operations. Her focus on operational efficiency has led to significant improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Team Building and Development: Karen’s talent for building and sustaining high-performance teams has been a cornerstone of her success. She is known for her ability to mentor and inspire her team, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.
  • Customer Focus: By emphasizing the importance of exceptional service and quality, Karen has built a loyal customer base, driving repeat business and enhancing customer retention.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Consulting

Karen’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in her involvement in various business ventures, including starting a business in Ireland. Karen, along with her husband John, launched boojum in 2007 in Belfast, N. Ireland.  Boojum is a fast casual Mexican concept with multiple locations in N. Ireland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

A Collaborative Partnership

Karen’s professional journey is complemented by her collaborative partnership with her husband, John Blisard, an experienced Director of Operations with 15 years of leadership experience in multi-unit restaurant operations. Together, they have successfully managed and grown several business ventures in Belfast, Northern Ireland, combining their unique strengths and expertise.

A Vision for the Future

Karen Blisard’s career is a testament to her passion for business management and her ability to lead teams to success. Her strategic vision, combined with her hands-on approach, has consistently driven positive outcomes in every venture she has undertaken. As she continues to explore new opportunities, Karen remains dedicated to achieving the highest standards of excellence in all her business endeavors.

About Karen Blisard

Karen Blisard is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience in managing and growing businesses across various industries. Known for her exceptional leadership skills and operational expertise, Karen has successfully driven the success of numerous ventures. She is committed to achieving operational excellence and delivering outstanding customer experiences.


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