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John Blisard Leading Restaurant Operations with Excellence and Innovation

John Blisard Leading Restaurant Operations with Excellence and Innovation

John Blisard, a performance-driven Director of Operations with 15 years of leadership experience in Multi-Unit Operations, continues to demonstrate his expertise in the restaurant industry. With a distinguished career spanning various high-profile positions, John Blisard has become a vital force in elevating operational standards and driving success across multiple franchises. His outstanding ability to build and sustain high-performance teams in fast-paced, high-volume environments sets him apart as a visionary leader in the field.

A Proven Leader in Restaurant Operations

John Blisard’s career is marked by his unwavering commitment to operational excellence and financial acumen. His experience includes working with both independent start-up initiatives and franchised concepts, showcasing his versatility and deep understanding of the industry. Blisard served as the Director of Operations for Applegreen USA, where he handled the daily operations of numerous

food and beverage franchise concepts, including Shake Shack, Starbucks, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Auntie Anne’s, and Roy Rogers. In his role at Applegreen USA, Blisard was responsible for ensuring the delivery of the highest level of food quality, service, and guest experience. He facilitated the development and implementation of annual budgets, financial forecasts, and other business goals. By steering district and plaza management, John Blisard's budgeted sales and profit goals were achieved through active mentoring and consulting. His dedication to compliance with company standards and brand consistency have been instrumental in the success of these franchises.

Key Contributions and Achievements

John Blisard’s tenure at Applegreen USA has been marked by several key contributions, including:

  • Financial Leadership: Blisard played a crucial role in the development and implementation of the annual budget, financial forecasts, and business goals, ensuring that the organization remained on track to achieve its financial objectives.
  • Operational Excellence: By directing plaza managers and general managers, Blisard ensured compliance with company standards, policies, and practices, maintaining brand standards for franchised concepts.
  • Maximizing Unit-Level Economics: Blisard continuously evaluated operations to seek opportunities for maximizing unit-level economics and return on investment, driving efficiency and profitability across all locations.
  • Standard Operating Procedures: He directed the creation and implementation of standard operating procedures and training materials through on-site observation, ensuring consistency and excellence in operations.

Expertise Beyond Applegreen USA

Before Applegreen, Blisard served as the Director of Operations/Management Consultant at Best Healthcare Planning, where he was recruited by the CEO for his management, operations, and organizational expertise. In this capacity, he provided comprehensive consultation on building internal company SOPs to drive efficiency and productivity. John Blisard established standard operating procedures within the organization for expense reporting, billing, and workflow scheduling and devised training development programs for new-hire onboarding, increasing productivity and billable hours.

John Blisard’s career also includes significant experience in corporate settings, having held positions such as Sales Manager at Equity One in Marlton, NJ, and Project Management Consultant roles at M&M Mars, Deutsche Bank, and Bankers Trust in New York, NY. He also served as a Project Manager at Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, PA, demonstrating his adaptability and wide-ranging expertise. John Blisard launched and ran a business in Belfast, Northern Ireland, for over a decade before exiting the business.

Educational Background and Professional Affiliations

John Blisard holds a Bachelor of Arts in English/Communications from Cabrini University in Radnor, PA. He is an active member of several professional affiliations, including Food Safety & Quality Assurance, Brand Management, Multi-Unit District Manager Network, and the Project Manager Community. These affiliations reflect his commitment to continuous learning and professional development, staying at the forefront of industry trends and best practices.

A Vision for the Future

John Blisard’s career is a testament to his passion for operational excellence and his ability to lead teams to success. His strategic vision and hands-on approach have consistently driven positive outcomes in every role he has undertaken. As he continues to navigate the complexities of multi-unit operations, John Blisard remains dedicated to achieving the highest standards of quality and service in the restaurant industry.

About John Blisard

John Blisard is a seasoned Director of Operations with over 15 years of experience in multi-unit restaurant operations. Known for his exceptional leadership skills and financial acumen, John Blisard has successfully managed high-volume restaurant franchises, driving efficiency and profitability. In Belfast, Northern Ireland, as well as in America, John Blisard was committed to building high-performance teams and delivering outstanding guest experiences.


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