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Naomi Soldon Explores Wisconsin’s Commitment to Union Labor for Clean Energy Projects: A Positive Step for Quality, Economy, and Community

Naomi Soldon Explores Wisconsin's Commitment to Union Labor for Clean Energy Projects

Milwaukee, WI – June 27, 2024 – Wisconsin’s major utility companies have announced a significant decision to exclusively use union labor for the construction and maintenance of renewable energy projects. Naomi Soldon explains that this initiative made public in a joint statement on March 26, is set to positively impact the state’s economy, labor force, and the quality of clean energy projects.

The WEC Energy Group, a leading utility company in Wisconsin, highlighted the benefits of this partnership with the state’s building trade unions. The utility company is committed to working with unions to ensure that developers and contractors building these projects hire Wisconsin-based contractors that employ union workers to the fullest extent possible.

Enhanced Quality and Community Benefits

Naomi Soldon understands that using union labor ensures high standards of workmanship and safety. This commitment guarantees that Wisconsin’s renewable energy projects will meet and exceed quality benchmarks, ensuring long-term reliability and performance. By employing skilled union workers, these projects are expected to provide sustained benefits to the community, supporting the state’s clean energy goals.

Economic Advantages Amid Rising Energy Costs

Despite concerns about rising energy costs, the decision to use union labor is expected to provide long-term economic benefits. Union workers receive fair wages and benefits, contributing to a more robust local economy. As workers spend their earnings within the community, businesses thrive, and the overall economic health of the region improves.
While there may be concerns about the initial costs of renewable energy projects, the long-term benefits of using skilled union labor far outweigh these concerns. High-quality construction reduces the need for costly repairs and maintenance, ultimately saving money for taxpayers and ratepayers.

Advocacy and Expertise in Labor Law

Attorney Naomi E. Soldon, a partner at Soldon McCoy, is a leading advocate for unions, workers, and jointly trusteed health and pension funds. With extensive trial and appellate court experience, Soldon is a prominent figure in labor and employment law. She is highly regarded for her expertise in ERISA, labor, and employment law, regularly speaking at seminars and serving in leadership roles within the Wisconsin Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Law Section.

Naomi Soldon’s commitment to advocating for workers’ rights and quality employment is reflected in her support for Wisconsin’s decision. This move underscores the importance of investing in the workforce and ensuring that the transition to clean energy benefits everyone, especially the hardworking men and women who build these projects.

About Naomi E. Soldon

Naomi E. Soldon is a partner at Soldon McCoy, specializing in labor and employment law. Admitted to the United States Supreme Court, the United States Courts of Appeals for the Sixth and Seventh Circuits, and several District Courts, Soldon has extensive trial and appellate court experience. Her practice focuses on representing labor-management, jointly trusteed health and pension funds, and handling complex ERISA litigation. Soldon is a respected speaker and contributor to labor law publications and has been recognized for her legal expertise and ethics.


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