Key Strategies for a Rewarding Career 

Project management is a highly demanding and rewarding field that requires a unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience. Whether you are a seasoned project manager or new to the role, developing and maintaining the right habits can make all the difference in the success of your projects. 

Helpful Habits for Project Managers to be More Successful:  

  1. Lead and Inspire Your Team 

Project management is all about leading teams and ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. To be successful as a project manager, you must develop strong leadership skills. This includes not only assigning tasks and delegating responsibilities, but also motivating and mentoring team members to help them reach their full potential.  

  1. Stay Proactive 

An adept project manager is always ready to tackle unforeseen challenges as they arise rather than simply reacting to them. This proactive approach involves anticipating potential obstacles and having a solid plan in place to quickly get the project back on track. By planning for uncertainty, a skilled project manager can prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future. Startups and small companies have limited resources at their disposal, making it vital to avoid any waste. Unfortunately, inefficiencies in project management can lead to a significant loss of resources. Studies have shown that poor project management processes result in approximately 12% wastage of organizational resources, according to research from ProofHub. By taking a proactive and strategic approach to project management, this waste can be greatly reduced. 

  1. Communicate Constructively  

One of the most important habits for a project manager is effective communication. This includes not only communicating with team members and stakeholders but also actively listening to their concerns and ideas. Clear and consistent communication helps ensure everyone is on the same page and can prevent misunderstandings and delays. Find the right project management tool that works best for you and your team to be able to communicate and collaborate on assignments. Over three quarters of people who regularly communicate using project management tools reported that it improved internal communication with their coworkers, according to research from Project.co. 

  1. Effectively Manage Your Time 

While project managers are well-versed in the art of managing project timelines, it’s crucial for project managers to take note of how they themselves spend their time. Keeping a log of how time is allocated, both for work and personal pursuits, can help project managers to strike a balance and make the most of their time. This habit of self-reflection and time tracking can help project managers to be more efficient and focused, both in their work and in their personal lives. 

  1. Maintain a Learning Mindset 

As human beings, we are constantly evolving and growing. Those who succeed in their careers often do so by evolving at a faster pace than others. This is because they possess an attitude of perpetual learning. Two key characteristics of this mindset are: continuously investing in your knowledge and skills and regularly reflecting on your experiences. By doing so, you will be able to continually grow, improve and stay ahead of the curve in your professional life. Top-performing companies understand that investing in project management training reaps significant rewards. An overwhelming majority of these organizations make sure to have ongoing project management training in place, according to research from Teamstage. 

The Reward is Worth the Work  

Building a successful career as a project manager requires a combination of strong leadership skills, experience, knowledge of tools and techniques, networking, and professional development. Project management is a complex and demanding field, but by developing and maintaining the right habits, project managers can increase their chances of success.  


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