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Optimizing Opportunities in Oversaturated Markets


By Carmen Greger

It’s quite the phenomenon, and many a novice (for fear of getting lost in the shuffle or overlooked at best) would dare not consider setting up shop right in the middle, dead-center-bullseye, of their savvy competitor’s well-established, perfectly groomed, fashion-forward landscape where all their doting, loyal, long-term clients swoon for the daily graze of habitual go-to’s, brand names, trendy games, and social gains. 

Fear not, newcomer.  The stage is already set; the spotlight shines directly on every star standing front and center, eager at the bit.  Simply show up, geared up, as your very best self with your glittery, glamorous, unique, and carefully curated offerings, and as the curtains draw back, come opening day, 8am, you’re automatically walking the red carpet, in the mix of your crowd, your target, your audience, your buyers, your success. The show goes on, with or without you, your expertise and your unique gifts. If success is on your radar, your presence is required; Show up.

The prefabricated congregation has been targeted, beckoned, and has gathered, perched eagerly awaiting to chomp at the bit, to hear the brilliant words you have to say, to buy the goods you have to sell and to be your customer for life, til death do you part, so long as your act is up to par, your goods are just as good, and your promises fulfilled.

This phenomenon pertains just as well to writers who say “it’s all been said”, that “it’s already been written”; “it’s all been done before”.  The self-sabotaging ‘why-bother’ attitude will get you nowhere, and fast. Stand in your truth, as your unique and highest expression of you. You will draw the right people in who need what you have to offer; they are coming to the table to taste the special dish you serve, to witness your specific share. They have never heard it said in your way with your particular words and unique methods before; their palate is cleansed and ready and they are salivating.  Hear the cacophony of content consumers’ claims: “I must have heard this a thousand times before, but the way this author said it really hit home and made the difference I have been looking for my entire life”. 

Likewise, it is relevant to the independent filmmakers and artists who have no preconceived idea how to stand out in the crowd of top-notch, award winning, fame and fortune blessed creators to share innate and cultivated talents, skills, and vital messages to make the intended impact. 

First, how do you think your heroes got started? At the beginning! Second, you must take your first big leap of faith as they once did; If you don’t show up and get involved on the frontline, there is no message, there is no inspiration, there is no receiver, action taken or transaction made. Get out of your own way and get there. Your audience, your consumers, your clients, your buyers, your recognition earned, and good-deed dollars are waiting for you and need to hear, see, feel, and be moved by what you have to offer. You have special talents, a unique voice, and a very specific way of delivering them to those who have been waiting to welcome and embrace your gifts in a language they understand and in a package they crave. 

Build it and they will come, even if they are there already. 

Remember, if it’s been built already by your competition, this is a blessing, not a curse.

These businesses have put time, money and energy into establishing a trusted scene, situation and arena for your own perspective customers as well.  

Don’t be scared to join an established marketplace. You may be the exact, unique solution that the ‘regular customers’ of that ‘saturated market’ have been seeking, or perhaps just the icing on your competitor’s cake. 

Face your fears, be courageous, confident, respectful, grateful, and proactively interactive, and the prosperity will follow.  Oftentimes, by rooting in a pre-established business-consumer community, you only wind up enhancing the desired essence and status of the destination location and it becomes a ‘win-win’ for all.

The opportunity to lend customer referrals to, and forge strategic relationships with, those companies in proximity to your business often proves wise and worthy. Regular consumers will come on a regular basis for their regular needs. Ready to browse, and prepared to buy, what calls most directly and uniquely to their souls, their tastes, and their wallets. Be there or be square.  


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