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Oden Home Reviews Must-Have Features in a Custom Home

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In the pursuit of a dream home, knowing what truly defines a ‘must-have’ can be transformative. Oden Home RI, the epitome of custom home expertise, unveils the key elements that elevate a residence from ordinary to extraordinary. From ingenious design to thoughtful amenities, Oden Home RI sheds light on the indispensable features that make a custom home truly exceptional.

It’s the little things that truly make a house a home.

A distinctive doorway, a bathroom with a unique vanity, pops of color on the walls, and family photos all help create a comfortable space that anyone can call their own.

Oden Home RI says that for an even more personalized option, many budding homeowners are opting for custom designs to ensure they get exactly what they want. Despite inflation fears and supply chain challenges, construction of custom homes was up nearly 11% between 2020 and 2021 and has grown 3.4% yearly from 2017 to 2022.

Below are a few of the most popular features of custom homes that make them stand out in the neighborhood.

Oden Home RI Boasts Massive Master Suites

Master suites don’t always provide homeowners with the bedroom space they need. However, custom homeowners can create a suite that’s not just bigger than usual but tailored to their unique specifications and needs.

Oden Home RI explains that this includes everything from enough space for a large bed and vaulted ceilings to window size and a connected bathroom. There’s also an option to place the master suite on the first floor instead — or have two distinctive master suite spaces downstairs and upstairs.

Luxurious Bathrooms

Along with master suites, homebuyers tend to pay the most attention to the bathrooms. While many bathrooms may feel cramped to accommodate tubs and showers, as well as vanities and closets, new build bathrooms can be large on space with a touch of elegance.

Oden Home reviews that upgraded features include custom storage and cabinets, sound systems, and heated floors, as well as gigantic showers made with materials such as ceramic, natural stone, or porcelain. Bathrooms can also be crafted to accommodate modern freestanding tubs.

Unique Dedicated Spaces

The rise of open floor plans has expanded the options of livable spaces, but going custom allows people to go even further. Recent must-have features include larger study spaces for children to accommodate virtual learning and evening homework, as well as more functional — and more striking – home office spaces.

At-home gyms are also increasingly popular, and incorporating these designs can be just what a homeowner needs to get their fitness and health back on track. These homes can be built to accommodate a large amount of gym equipment or can be tailored to specific exercise approaches, such as yoga and weight training. They can even include such handy features as a shower, wet bar, sauna, or a TV for streaming workouts.

Oden Home reviews that on the slightly more fun side, wine cellars can be created to suit any taste. Some are small built-ins, but others are restaurant-sized and even include tasting rooms and lounges. Lounges and game rooms are also increasingly popular too, offering a space for kids, and adults alike to kick back and be together.

Oden Home Reviews

Outdoor Spaces

With a custom home, the sky’s the limit when it comes to outdoor spaces. Outdoor kitchens and decks aren’t just possible — they are increasingly must-haves. Instead of a small grilling area, custom homes can sport sizeable outdoor dining areas with refrigerators, built-in grills, wet bars, and expanded counter spaces. Other choices range from pools and patios to comfortable lounges and park-like landscaping.

Impressive Kitchens

Oden Home Rhode Island says that many consider kitchens to be the heart of the home where the most precious family time takes place and memories are made. Kitchens are now more than ever the center of daily living, and kitchens in custom homes up the ante significantly.

The possibilities are endless. Not only can kitchen space be enlarged for entertaining needs, but special features can also be easily integrated, including induction cooktops, built-in lights and speakers, and massive kitchen islands for cooking and storage needs.

Electrical outlets can be placed strategically and trash cans, dishwashers, microwaves, and much more can be ingeniously hidden from view but remain accessible.

Fancy Extras

How does not having to leave the house to take out the trash sound? Custom home builders can often install trash and recycling chutes in kitchens that are connected to outdoor garbage bins. The kitchen itself may also sport a separate food prep area hidden from view or an expansive walk-in pantry.

Oden Home Rhode Island notes that’s barely scratching the surface of features that make life easier — and homes more beautiful and functional. Many new build features often sport mudrooms, dog wash spaces, and smart home features like thermostats and lighting.

Energy efficient features like solar panels, electric vehicle chargers, and geothermal systems also make custom homes not just more luxurious but environmentally sustainable.


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