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Neil Varma of New York on The Benefits of Hiring Veterans at Your Company

Neil Varma New York

Neil Varma of New York is a proud U.S. Air Force veteran. During his time in the military, Neil Varma of New York worked in financial management. At the conclusion of his military service, Neil Varma of New York moved to a career as an IT Project Manager consultant in the private sector. Neil credits his military service for preparing him for success in the private sector. Today, Neil Varma of New York will explain why companies should actively seek out veterans to fill open positions at their company.

Regardless of the industry a business is in, they can always use employees that are goal driven. Veterans are used to goal setting and enduring repeated assessment cycles. The military demands a sustained level of success. The only way for anyone to advance in the military is to set goals and put in the work to achieve those objectives. Neil Varma of New York also notes that military members are given direct orders and then suspected to thrive with minima oversight. Companies that hire veterans often find that they don’t have to invest as much time in training as their employees are quicker to pick up how to execute a desired task.

One of the best reasons to bring in a military veteran to a private sector business is to fill a leadership gap. Even those who did not hold leadership positions during their time in the service will likely have received leadership training during their active-duty tours. There’s an expectation for military members to take accountability for the success or the failure of an entire group. Because of this, these are employees who are skilled in motivating others to come together to accomplish a shared goal.

Anyone in the HR industry knows that hiring the best candidate for the job can be more difficult than expected. A lot of people are wonderful during the interview process and then fail to meet expectations once they join a company. Military veterans are known to be responsible and take their duties seriously. Overseas, failure to follow through on an objective can lead to extremely severe consequences. This trained mindset allows military members entering the private sector to take their job seriously, even if the consequences of failure may not be as drastic as it would be during active service.

Many industries need employees who are able to make the proper decision in real-time situations. The digital age has increased global competition in many sectors and a delayed response can often cause a company to fall behind their competitors. In the military, people are often put in positions where they need to make decisions based solely on a fast situational analysis. Even if a veteran isn’t in a managerial position, they can relieve some of the burden on upper management by making decisions quickly that enhance the efficiency of the overall company. While asking questions can often be beneficial, many managers seek employees who know what their manager would suggest before having to stop their productivity by interrupting their work. The military teaches a person to be analytical and to consider all of the information and options they have at their disposal. Understanding how to identify trends in real-time can even lead a veteran to make suggestions that improve the overall efficiency of a company.

Military veterans have a proven track record of dedication. No one wants to bring someone into an organization that isn’t fully committed to the company’s overall success. Neil Varma of New York notes that there is a significant difference between someone who is working for money and someone who is working for money and the overall success of their business. In the military, failure is not an acceptable option. This is the type of dedicated mindset that can lead to unmatched success for any business.

Finally, Neil Varna of New York believes it is essential to mention that military veterans are solid hires for more reasons than their overall character. The military invests a lot of money into constant training and skill verification assessments. The military not only prepares people to be the best version of their physical selves, but the American military works to consistently raise their educational standards. Many soldiers are provided with training in information technology skills that allow them to compete with other nations across the globe. Veterans are often provided with financial assistance for continuing education programs even after their military service concludes, which is an added benefit for the business that hires them.


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