The Value in Using Both to Accomplish Your Goals 

Motivation and discipline are two important qualities that can be the difference between setting your goals and actually accomplishing them.   

Motivation vs. Discipline  

Motivation is the driving force that inspires us to take action and pursue our goals. It is the energy and enthusiasm that helps us stay focused and committed to our endeavors. It is the reason we do things, and it can come from both external and internal sources. External motivation comes from outside of us and can include things like rewards, recognition, or praise. Internal motivation, on the other hand, comes from within us and can include things like personal satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, or a desire to improve. Regardless of the source, motivation is an important factor in achieving our goals and leading a fulfilling life. It gives us the drive and determination to take action and overcome obstacles. Gallup research shows that motivated individuals are more likely to search for ways to increase their own productivity and less likely to quit their jobs.  

Discipline is the ability to control one’s actions and behaviors in order to achieve a specific goal. It is the practice of self-control and self-regulation that enables us to stay on track and stay focused on what needs to be done. Discipline is an important quality to develop in life because it helps us stay consistent when things become inconsistent. Discipline is not always easy to maintain; it requires effort and determination. Discipline is a skill that can be learned and improved upon over time with practice and commitment. According to a study conducted by Stanford University, those who perceive discipline as a finite resource tend to experience a decline in their ability to exercise self-control after using it. However, those who believe that discipline is not easily depleted did not experience a similar decline in self-control. 

Why Are They Important? 

Having both motivation and discipline is important for success because they work together to help individuals to achieve their goals. Motivation provides the inspiration and drive to get started, while discipline helps you maintain focus and stay on track even when things get tough. Without motivation, people may lack the energy and enthusiasm to pursue their goals, and without discipline, they may become easily distracted and lose sight of their objectives. 

Setting clear, specific, and achievable goals can provide a sense of purpose and direction, which can help to motivate individuals to take action. At the same time, setting goals can also help to develop discipline by providing a roadmap for how to achieve those goals and helping you to stay focused on what needs to be done. Self-reflection is another way to cultivate motivation and discipline. Taking time to regularly reflect on your progress and your habits can help you to identify areas where you may be lacking in motivation or discipline and allow you to make changes as needed to improve in those areas. 

You Can’t Sustain One Without the Other  

Motivation provides the initial push to take action, but discipline helps to maintain focus and stay on track. Ultimately, success requires a combination of both of these skills. By cultivating both of these qualities, you can stay inspired, focused, and committed to achieving your goals, no matter how challenging they may seem.  


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