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Getting a pre-list home inspection is important for sellers for several reasons:

Identify potential problems

A pre-list home inspection can identify any potential problems with the property before it goes on the market. This allows the seller to make any necessary repairs or adjustments before showing the property to potential buyers, which can increase the chances of a successful sale.

Avoid surprises

A pre-list home inspection can help the seller avoid any surprises during the sales process. If a buyer’s inspection uncovers a problem that the seller was unaware of, it could delay or even cancel the sale, which can be costly and frustrating.

Set a realistic price

If a seller knows about any issues with the property upfront, they can set a more realistic price that reflects the condition of the home. This can help attract serious buyers and avoid wasting time negotiating with buyers who are not willing to pay the full price.

Boost buyer confidence

A pre-list home inspection report can give potential buyers confidence in the condition of the property, which can make them more likely to make an offer. It shows that the seller is transparent and proactive, and can provide peace of mind to buyers that the property has been well-maintained. If any major defects are discovered during an inspection, keep in mind that they must be disclosed to potential buyers in states that require sellers to do so. A pre-list inspection and disclosing of any issues only speeds up the inevitable as Buyers who elect to perform their own inspection would discover the defect(s) during the inspection contingency period and as mentioned above, could result in a disappointing experience.

Overall, getting a pre-list home inspection is a smart investment for sellers as it can help avoid surprises, set a realistic price, and boost buyer confidence. Start at the beginning; Know before you show.

By Chris Chodkowski, PA Licensed Real Estate Professional

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