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Legendary Capital Discusses Online Reviews: Turning Feedback into Positive Growth in Hospitality

Legendary Capital Discusses Online Reviews

Legendary Capital operates in the hospitality sector, concentrating on hotels with 80 to 200 rooms. Their portfolio includes limited-service, select-service, extended-stay, and full-service properties situated across the United States. In the following article, Legendary Capital explores how hotel managers can effectively use online reviews to improve operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive business growth.

In today’s digital age, online reviews have become a significant factor in the success of any business, especially in the hospitality industry. Guests now have the power to share their personal experiences with the world, influencing the choices of countless other travelers. For hotel managers, these reviews can either be a boon or a bane. However, by understanding how to leverage online feedback, hoteliers can turn these reviews into a powerful tool for positive growth.

Legendary Capital Explains the Importance of Online Reviews

In the hospitality industry, reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google are instrumental in shaping a hotel’s reputation. Google remains the most-used website for reading online reviews. Despite remaining in the top three most-used platforms, Facebook and Yelp have seen decreases in percentage points over the years—3% for Facebook since 2022 and 9% for Yelp.

Positive reviews can attract more guests, increase bookings, and improve a hotel’s ranking on review platforms. On the other hand, negative reviews can have a detrimental impact, leading to lost business and a damaged reputation. Legendary Capital notes that this is why it’s crucial for managers to take online reviews seriously and use them as a source of valuable feedback.

Turning Feedback into Opportunities for Improvement

One of the most effective ways to turn online reviews into positive growth is by using them as a tool for continuous improvement. Every review, whether positive or negative, provides insights into guest experiences and expectations. Hospitality professionals should view feedback as an opportunity to learn, adapt, and enhance their services.

Addressing Negative Reviews with a Positive Attitude

Legendary Capital says that negative reviews are inevitable, but they don’t have to be detrimental. In fact, they can serve as a catalyst for change. Managers should approach negative reviews with a positive attitude and a commitment to resolving issues. Here’s how:

  • Respond Promptly: Quick responses to negative reviews show that the hotel values guest feedback and is committed to addressing concerns. Acknowledging the guest’s experience and apologizing for any inconvenience goes a long way in demonstrating customer care.
  • Offer Solutions: In the response, try offering solutions or corrective actions. This could involve compensating the guest, inviting them for a return visit, or explaining the steps that are being taken to prevent future issues.
  • Use Feedback for Training: Negative reviews often highlight areas where staff training or operational changes are needed. Hospitality professionals can use this feedback to improve training programs, ensuring that similar issues don’t recur.

Leveraging Positive Reviews for Business Growth

Positive reviews are a valuable asset in any industry. They not only attract more customers or guests but also boost employee morale and reinforce best practices. Legendary Capital suggests taking advantage of positive feedback to drive business growth.

  • Showcase Positive Reviews: Hotels can feature positive reviews on their website, social media, and marketing materials. This helps build credibility and trust with potential guests.
  • Recognize Staff Contributions: Positive reviews often mention specific staff members or departments. Hotel managers should recognize and reward employees for their contributions to guest satisfaction. This recognition boosts morale and motivates staff to maintain high service standards.
  • Encourage Guest Reviews: Hotels can actively encourage guests to leave reviews by providing them with simple ways to do so. This could involve sending follow-up emails with links to review platforms or offering incentives for guests to share their experiences.
Legendary Capital Discusses Online Reviews

Using Reviews to Improve Guest Experience

Online reviews offer valuable insights into guest expectations and preferences. Utilize this information to tailor their services and improve the overall guest experience:

  • Identify Common Themes: By analyzing online reviews, managers can identify recurring themes or patterns. For example, if multiple reviews mention slow check-in processes, the hotel should implement changes to streamline check-in.
  • Enhance Customer Service: Reviews often provide feedback on customer service. Hotels can use this information to improve staff training and ensure that guests receive exceptional service throughout their stay.
  • Implement Guest Suggestions: Guests often provide suggestions for improvement in their reviews. Use these suggestions to implement changes that enhance the guest experience.


Legendary Capital explains that online reviews are a powerful tool for growth in the hospitality industry. By embracing feedback, hotel managers can improve operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and drive business success. Whether it’s addressing negative reviews with a positive attitude or leveraging positive feedback for business growth, hotels that effectively manage online reviews will be better positioned to thrive in a competitive market.

Ultimately, the key to turning feedback into positive growth lies in the ability to listen, adapt, and continuously improve. By doing so, hotel managers can foster a welcoming and memorable experience for their guests, leading to increased bookings, higher guest satisfaction, and a stronger reputation in the hospitality industry.


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