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Jason Cohen Introduces Nexus Real Estate & Brokerage: Transforming Multifamily Property Management

Jason Cohen Introduces Nexus Real Estate & Brokerage

PITTSBURGH, PA — June 18, 2024 — Jason Cohen of Nexus Real Estate & Brokerage is proud to announce its expansion and continued commitment to providing exceptional property management services across Pennsylvania, Texas, and South Carolina. As a vertically integrated multifamily property management company, Nexus specializes in value-add opportunities, offering unparalleled asset management and construction management services.

Why Choose Nexus Real Estate & Brokerage Apartments?

Finding the perfect apartment goes beyond just considering neighborhoods and square footage. At Nexus Real Estate & Brokerage, they understand that reliable property management is key to a satisfying living experience. Jason Cohen at Nexus Real Estate’s dedication to resident customer service is evident in their comprehensive offerings, which are designed to make life easier for our tenants.

When selecting an apartment with Nexus, residents can confidently answer YES to the following questions:

  • Can I pay my rent in person, by phone, by mail, or online?
  • Can I place maintenance requests and track them online?
  • Are your maintenance technicians professionally screened, properly uniformed, and driving in prominently marked vehicles?
  • Do you have a storefront open during normal business hours in case I ever need to address anything in person?
  • Do I have access to my own private online account with all relevant information (i.e., lease charges, payments, etc.)?
  • Are your phones answered 24 hours a day?
  • Do I have a designated property manager for my individual property?
  • Do you have properties in several locations so I have the option to upgrade or downgrade at the end of my lease?
  • Do you accept pets? (pet fees do apply)
  • Can I utilize your services to purchase a home if I ever decide to stop renting?

A Paperless Office

Jason Cohen of Nexus Real Estate & Brokerage is committed to sustainability and efficiency. They prioritize introducing their online portal to new residents, facilitating a seamless transition to paperless tenancy. This approach enhances customer satisfaction and ensures timely rent payments. Clients benefit from easy access to financials and rent rolls through our secure client login page, while owner statements are emailed monthly.

Proactive and Attentive Maintenance Services

Jason Cohen of Nexus Real Estate reviews their unique patrol scanning software, enabling Nexus staff to routinely monitor and inspect all properties. This proactive approach allows us to identify and address potential issues early, preventing costly mistakes. By performing most day-to-day maintenance in-house, Jason Cohen of Nexus Real Estate minimizes the need for expensive third-party contractors and vendors. Automated resident surveys ensure timely and quality service from our team.

Capital Improvements

At Nexus, Jason Cohen closely monitors their clients’ properties and advises on necessary improvements, from addressing deteriorating exterior conditions to optimizing rents through cosmetic enhancements. Their routine market comp studies provide valuable insights for all our clients.

About Nexus Real Estate & Brokerage

Nexus Real Estate & Brokerage services multifamily, office, and retail properties, with a niche focus on value-add opportunities. Our mission is to provide superior property management services that enhance the living experience for our residents and deliver exceptional value to our clients.


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