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Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH Discusses Why Pursuing Higher Education Matters More Now Than Ever Before

Jared Kamrass Cincinnati OH

Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH is an entrepreneur and higher education mentor. In the following article, Jared Kamrass discusses why a college education brings a whole host of advantages to those who toil to achieve it.

The modern world is more fast paced than anyone could’ve predicted. From savvy entrepreneurs making waves to rapidly evolving technological advancements, individuals need something that sets them apart from the competition — and experts believe that higher education does exactly that.

Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH says that gaining a college degree matters more now than it did before. To make a difference. To earn more. To expand horizons. To future preparation.

Individuals Gain More from Higher Education in This Fast-Paced, Ever-Advancing World

Research shows that degrees significantly impact individuals’ lives, with the potential to help them positively affect their families and the world.

Boosted Earning Potential

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers with a college degree earn more on average than those without. Individuals with an associate degree made roughly $963 per week in 2021, a significant $154 more than people with only high school diplomas.

Jared Kamrass reports that the earning potential ostensibly keeps climbing. On average, workers with a bachelor’s degree made $1,334 per week, a whopping $525 more than those with postsecondary education.

Employees with a master’s degree earned $765 more than people with a high school diploma.

Skyrocketing Employment Chances

A 2020 survey found an increasing number of employers consider college a worthwhile investment. The combination of general education and specialized learning is considered powerful by a host of employers, especially those in rapidly advancing fields like IT, healthcare, and automotive.

Additional forms of learning provided by colleges, like project-based assignments, internships, and student clubs, give graduates leverage in the job-hunting field. Jared Kamrass says that utilizing such valuable experiences on their resumes leads to a higher chance of clinching dream positions.

Expanding Opportunities

A Pew Research Center report in 2016 showed that 77% of employees with a post-graduate degree claimed their jobs gave them a sense of belonging and identity, while only 38% of those with a high school diploma agreed.

Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH says that despite this research being somewhat outdated, more recent studies have concluded that the statistics ring true today. The Lumina Foundation and Gallup showcased that 61% of students in higher education are acquiring degrees to obtain more fulfilling careers.

Specialized degrees give graduates unbelievable potential to skyrocket their careers in their desired fields.

Future Preparation

But heading to college isn’t just about the specific courses students take — they learn valuable life lessons and skills that serve them well in the “real world.”

Jared Kamrass says that from discipline to time management to communication to healthy relationship building, college students gain empowering access to a myriad of social and academic experiences that they won’t learn anywhere else.

Aside from practical skills, recent studies have shown that homeowners are more likely to have a college education. Point2, an entity that reports real estate trends, analyzed census data in 2020 to determine that 70% of homeowners have at least some college education.
Thus, experts conclude that degrees put people in a better situation for their future.

Jared Kamrass Cincinnati OH

Achieving Personal Goals

Degrees aren’t just about professional goals. For many, completing higher education fulfills personal goals too.

While this isn’t necessarily the case for everybody, a survey of 500 people noted that 57% said achieving a degree accomplished a personal goal. And this percentage rose for first-generation college students.

Fostering New Relationships

Establishing connections with academic advisors, peers, tutors, career counselors, and other industry leaders during college is an important part of the journey, serving individuals well after graduation explains Jared Kamrass of Cincinnati, OH.

From lasting friendships to future partners to professional networks, the unparalleled access to a wealth of personalities helps people tackle the ever-difficult task of fostering healthy relationships.

Making a Difference

The College Board’s 2019 report on the advantages of attending a higher education establishment cites that graduates are more likely to volunteer, vote, and donate money to charities.

Jared Kamrass also mentions that many courses are working to improve climate change and city planning through a range of subjects, including economics, law, and architecture. This new emphasis on sustainability and ecology ensures graduates apply their knowledge in the workplace, benefiting themselves, their coworkers, their local community, the nation, and the planet as a whole.

The Future Is Advanced, And Those With Higher Education Are Forefronting It


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