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By Carmen Greger


Artists and creatives have been known to be some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial people on the planet. They have taken their passions and transformed them into successful businesses. The entrepreneurial spirit of artists and creatives is sparked by passion, purpose, and pure joy; the courage and commitment it takes to align their logical and strategic actions with their gifted work and creative intentions is massive and vital.

Many artists have made their careers by showing up for themselves, their mission, their fans, and the world by utilizing various methods such as skill development, mentorship, discipline, structure and routine, goal setting, reflection, networking, self-promotion and maintaining a growth mindset and a strong sense of self.

Chantal Westby, a world-renowned visual artist, is a perfect example of a creative entrepreneur. She started her career by tuning into her inner voice, honoring her passion, and cultivating her innate skill as she paid very close attention and respect to the work that yearned to be birthed into the world through her; Chantal’s inspired and dedicated work and determination enabled her to build a successful business expressing herself, her mission and her vision through multiple mediums including canvas and sculpture. Chantal’s unique style, eye, sensitivity, potent messaging (that both demonstrates and inspires deep reflection), and pure talent for creating exquisite and dramatic pieces of meaningful art quickly caught the attention of many and she was soon able to sell her great works to those with the keenest of artistic insight and appreciation. This success has catalyzed itself and Chantal has expanded her thriving business to reach, inspire and inform countless others on the hows and whys of becoming successful and impactful creative entrepreneurs.

Taylor Swift, born in Reading, PA, playful dabbler in teenaged acoustic debuts at Coffee Talk during Stone Harbor family summers, Nashville dream-chasing transplant and Sony contract recipient at 14, is another example of a creative entrepreneur. She started her career by focusing on her craft, passion, and dreams. She is a talented musician with a very special voice, message, and ability to communicate with the crowd. She is authentic. She began as a singer/songwriter in the country music genre and through her hard work and determination, she has become one of the most successful pop artists in the world. Taylor has been able to use her talent to build a successful brand that includes multiple albums, tours, merchandise, and even her own movie and app. Her international celebrity status is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to use her creativity to build a successful business.

Tory Burch, an elite fashion designer, is another example of a creative entrepreneur. She started her business designing clothes in her kitchen and through her hard work, innovative thinking, skill cultivation, determination, and leadership, she has built a successful fashion empire that includes clothing, accessories, and fragrances. Yes, she had a well-earned chunk of change to start with but creating a $3.5 billion Company in under a decade is nothing to bat an eye at. Tory has been able to use her creativity and her eye for design to build a brand that is recognized and celebrated around the world.

These are just a few examples of how artists and creatives have been able to use their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to build successful businesses. In order to become a successful creative entrepreneur, it is important to have an unwavering passion for what you do and a consistently strong work ethic and strategic plan to express and achieve both your creative and business goals. Additionally, it is important to network and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs, to use accessible resources to get your ideas off the ground, and to grow and evolve as necessary to achieve your goals and bring your great work into the world to make the impact an income you are called to make.

Artists and creatives have the ability to take their passions and turn them into profit by crafting a successful and meaningful businesses that generates income and impact. Through their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, many have been able to build successful movements, masterpieces and brands that are recognized and embraced around the world. 

Creatives as entrepreneurs have a very special and unique ability and opportunity to catalyze the awakening and healing of the world as they show up personally and professionally as the highest version of their authentic selves and allow their mission and their magic to inspire and unite.


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